The ways network providers ‘get it wrong’ when they text customers

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13 Sep The ways network providers ‘get it wrong’ when they text customers

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When it comes to SMS marketing, businesses try to achieve several aims: more sales, increased awareness and the acquisition of customer feedback. They might even want all of the above. One type of business that probably will want all of these things – and should know how to deliver them – is your mobile service provider. Yet, as the majority of us have experienced, they don’t always get it right. Here are some of the common mistakes made by mobile operators (and we’re not picking on anyone in particular here) that other businesses should look to avoid if they want to execute a successful strategy…

Poor timing

SMS marketers need to understand how to get their timing right when it comes their messages. No-one really wants to receive their bill at the best of times – and they certainly don’t want it to be added to the stresses of a working day! Therefore, a message popping up on someone’s phone as they plough through their ever-expanding to-do list isn’t going to be particularly pleasant.

Most mobile providers – like many other businesses – also target their customers for offers. These deals (often from partners) need to land at the right time too. Have you ever received an offer for a holiday while you’re polishing off your cornflakes? It’s hardly the time you’ll be contemplating that sort of purchase, is it?

Poor choice of offer

Speaking of offers, mobile operators cater to a wide variety of customers. As a result, many marketers often struggle to hit the mark when it comes to targeting the offers they send out to customers. For instance, people who’ve never so much as wagered 10p on a game of cards are sent deals for betting sites. Similarly, make-up products are marketed to middle aged men for whom shaving is as far as their grooming routine stretches.

This kind of SMS marketing means that many of us will experience the ‘why have they sent this?’ moment when it comes to the messages we receive from our mobile providers. The best businesses should have a thorough grasp of who their customers are and what they want to receive. Doing so is the only way to ensure that bad marketing doesn’t happen.

Too many texts

Some people genuinely get more text messages from their mobile provider than they do from real human beings. There is nothing wrong with being persistent, but when you get to this stage, you know you’ve gone too far.

SMS messages have good open and click through rates, but that’s dependent on not annoying the recipient. Irritate your customer, and they’ll ritually ignore you or, even worse, opt out. Some people also find their inbox clogged up by images and videos that they are unable to download if they have little signal – another factor that is unlikely to endear you to the recipient…

Therefore, if you want to succeed at SMS marketing, you need to send the right message at the right time to the right person. If you manage that, you’re on to a winner (and you’ll achieve your goals without the need to send too many messages). Pay heed to the mistakes of others, and you’ll be far more likely to succeed.

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