SMS Marketing Case Study: Village Hotels


14 Jan SMS Marketing Case Study: Village Hotels

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We live in a fast paced world, fuelled by the wonder of instant communication. Yet this poses a dilemma for businesses. How can you possibly keep up to speed and cater for customers who are used to sorting their shopping and social life at the mere click of a button?

For Village Hotels, the challenge is how to deliver a flexible marketing campaign that caters for the tastes of customers at each of its 28 venues across the UK. It needs a quick, varied and efficient solution to contact them, and that’s where GlobalMessaging comes in.

Group Leisure Operations Manager Andy Logan explained that Village Hotels has now been with Global for four years, after a recommendation from a health and fitness company, and they have not looked back.

The business was after a user-friendly platform and a cost effective solution to the communications conundrum that businesses face.

Village Hotels uses an SMS service heavily towards the end of a calendar month, with texts driving people to come along to its facilities, such as joining or returning to the gym. Periodically, it will also call on an SMS strategy to spread word of an offer, promotion or event.

Mr Logan said: “It’s quick, effective and you can reach a vast amount of people easily. It’s not cumbersome and it’s instant.”

The ease of the platform helps Village Hotels to empower each of its sites to be able to promote its own offers, promotions and priorities.

Mr Logan explained: “Each team has their own account and it is up to them to make a decision on how it uses it.

“We have 28 properties and each property is run as part of the brand but each team has the power to do what they want to get the results they need.”

The platform does also allow managerial oversight too, so that senior figures in the business can still monitor the activities of those individual sites.

It all makes for a highly effective part of the operation for Village Hotels – a company that sends anything from 50 right up to 3 or 4,000 messages in one go.

Ofcom stats show just how strong our love of mobile phones is, as 93% of UK adults own or use a mobile phone, 66% own a smartphone and 15% live in a house with no landline phone at all. More than 23 million people have a 4G subscription too – meaning that phones are getting faster and more useful than ever before.

While those phones offer a wealth of different channels of communication, text messaging remains a personal, direct and effective way of tapping into this most well-used of devices. It helps to catch a customer wherever they are on a device that they’re bound to have to hand.

Mr Logan said SMS is a vital part of the strategy, adding: “There are a whole range of options – including Facebook and social media – but if we were not using text messages we would certainly see a drop off.”

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