Design & Implement an SMS Survey

How to design and implement an SMS survey for your business

Every business wants to know what its customers think. Whether it’s why they chose their product or service or what they did or didn’t like about it – feedback is invaluable.

The good news for companies is that customers live in a world where they are willing to offer insight. The bad news is that they also don’t have the time or inclination to waste too long doing so.

The trick, therefore, is to reach them directly on a medium that they are happiest to use. That’s where SMS surveys come in.

No matter what your business is your target customer is bound to be on their mobile – it’s the all-conquering device that demands so much of our time. They’re also more likely to read and reply to your message – with texts much more likely to catch and keep our attention than emails for example. In fact, response rates are about 30% for SMS compared to 3% for emails.

People will reply to an SMS on a break or on their way to or from work, for example. It feels like less of a hassle and it’s that ease that you should bear in mind when designing and implementing an SMS survey – play to the strengths of the format and you’re bound to enjoy success.

So, keeping in mind all we’ve said about the reasons for choosing SMS surveys, here’s how to go about it:

*Firstly, there are two ways to create an SMS survey with GlobalMessaging. Either use our intuitive online web-based tool or simply go for a two-ways transcript survey.

*Taking the online option first. Setting up a survey this way is swift and straightforward. No design or IT skills are needed – just drag and drop using our simple online tools to create an effective and professional looking survey. Our team is on hand for guidance too.

*Feedback will be stored within your account with us as raw data or informative charts – making it easy to analyse the results.

*There are two ways to pay for this type of survey. With the pay as you go option you pay a premium for each recipient you send the SMS survey to. The charge is on every message part, with an unlimited number of surveys. Alternatively you can opt for monthly billing – with each survey costing ‘1 credit’ per recipient.

The price guide is as follows:

  • up to 50,00 Surveys £32.50
  • up to 100,00 Surveys £55
  • up to 200,00 Surveys £70
  • up to 500,00 Surveys £100
  • Unlimited Surveys £500

*Two-way transcript surveys are more basic but do ensure that even non-smartphone users will be able to respond to your messages. Using this method, feedback is received through replies to set outbound messages. So, for example, you may ask a customer how they’d rate your service out of ten. Based on their reply you can ask for feedback on why they’ve chosen their particular score.

Full reporting on individual answers is available with an online tool.
Each outbound SMS is charged at your standard SMS rate applied to your account.

*Need something bespoke to meet a particular individual business need? GlobalMessaging can deliver within 60 days from idea to deployment if you’re after something that doesn’t quite fit either path outlined above.

The things to consider are – what feedback you want and how you will use it. That will inform what questions you ask and should ensure that your efforts are focused on the task in hand. Ask short, snappy questions that are clear and maintain a friendly, professional tone. Nobody wants to feel like they’re sitting a test or having to decipher the works of Chaucer when they’re replying to a text message. Remember, SMS messages are popular because they’re quick and easy to reply to.

For longer more in depth surveys, why not offer a prize or incentive? Prizes can have a powerful effect on your response rate and it’s good to reward your most loyal band of customers.

That’s dealt with the ‘what’ and how’ – but what about who, where and when?

You will need to know who your customers are and develop a good database to contact them. This can easily be done when purchases are made. However, don’t think that getting the numbers is enough. Consider who your customers are, map out some personas and think about the language that ‘talks best’ to them. Strike the right tone with SMS messages to get the best responses. These messages may be quick and easy to reply to but they’re also personal. Talk to the recipient directly and you’ll also help to develop a long-lasting brand loyalty.

‘Where’ and ‘when’ are perhaps simpler to think about. Data is collected in real time and can be analysed instantly so plan a survey when you’ll have time to monitor it and react accordingly to get the most from it. Build SMS surveys into wider campaigns for speedy results that can help you mould your output for maximum success.

GlobalMessaging can help to point you in the right direction on the best way to deliver these surveys, simply work out what you want to know and who you want to know it from and you’ll soon be on the way to getting constructive feedback that can shape your business going forward.