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But perhaps you are just wondering what SMS marketing is and how it fits with your business plans? We’ve put together a range of resources to help guide you through the ins and outs of what’s involved.

For an explanation of SMS marketing terms, this article on Frequently Asked Questions is a great place to start.

Text message marketing works: the open rate for text messages is more than 90% – a statistic that’s hard to beat when it comes to click through rates for any other digital channel (or traditional one for that matter).

To find out the basics of what SMS marketing is and how it relates to your business, take a look at this article:


Why Use SMS Marketing?

If you are starting to plan your SMS activity, make sure you read this first:


How to Create an Opt-in SMS Database

And for those who are interested in using URLs in their text message marketing material, here’s an article that highlights the benefits that shortened URLs can offer you:


Building an SMS marketing campaign

For tips on building up a database of people who have opted-in to receive marketing text messages, this article is invaluable:


SMS Marketing: Benefits of Shortened URLs

At GlobalMessaging we aim to help you on your journey to achieving a great SMS marketing campaign and aim to provide you with all the resources you need.


How to Design & Implement an SMS Survey

Every business wants to know what its customers think. Whether it’s why they chose their product or service or what they did or didn’t like about it – feedback is invaluable.


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