Our mobile solutions to your marketing woes


11 Aug Our mobile solutions to your marketing woes

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When planning any campaign or project you need to be able to answer six key questions. The fundamental 5Ws – and an H – address the basic issues for any marketing campaign and a failure to understand or answer any one of them could severely hamper your efforts. Here’s how our mobile solutions can provide you with the answers and put an end to your marketing woes…


Who is your audience? Who do you actually want to target? These questions are vital if you are to get the most from your efforts. There is little point even starting a campaign if you don’t know who you are supposed to be talking to. The beauty of mobile marketing is that it goes hand in hand with data. Using SMS to get customers to sign up to a mailing list or engaging in surveys with your customers can not only allow yourself to build up a fully-informed picture of your customers, it can also inform the way you speak to them.


What do you actually want to say? It can be tough to deliver a clear and concise message that is consistent across your whole marketing efforts. Failure to do so, however, could lead to a confusing and unsuccessful campaign. Text messages require you to come up with short, sharp, engaging messages that catch the eye of the reader. Condensing your words into these messages can be a good way to force you to be clear in your own mind.


Where should you target your marketing efforts? Posters on the Tube? Newspaper ads? Radio or TV? All of those require you to pick the right place to be able to catch the right people at the right time and might rely on a degree of chance. One thing is for sure, no matter what your target market they are likely to be glued to their phone – the ubiquitous device that sits right at the heart of modern life. This will be in the hands of your target customer no matter where they are. Target this rather than a location to succeed with your marketing efforts.


When should you target your customers? Increasingly, mobile and digital technology means that people can choose to make purchases whenever they wish. For many brands it’s important to time marketing messages so that they hit home when they are most likely to be responded to. So, for example, a pizza delivery company might want to catch you just as your thoughts are turning towards what you’ll rustle up for your evening meal or a holiday firm might want to get you just as you’re settling down after a long gloomy Monday at work. SMS messages are instant and can be timed so that they go out just at the right moment for your brand or business.


Why are you doing what you’re doing? This goes back to the earlier point about data.
A marketing campaign should be backed up by good data so that all decisions are well informed and rational. Collecting and using information about customers comes second nature to mobile marketers. You can also easily track results to gain an instant insight into the success or otherwise of your efforts.


How do you reach a great number of people in a short space of time? Mobile marketing offers you a way to send thousands of messages with the mere click of a button. It’s an effective – and cost effective – way of getting a strong message out to a large audience in a format they will read. What’s not to like?

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