Benefits of SMS Surveys

Collecting feedback from your customers is key to all businesses to help understand your customers and improve your services.

High Response Rates

Surveys conducted by SMS can get up to 30% response rate, where as email is usually only around 3%.

More Convenient for your Customers

Your customers can decide when and where to complete the survey.

Quick and often Immediate Responses

Your customers’ phone is usually within reach throughout the day, meaning they are more likely to check it regularly, unlike their email which can often only get checked once or twice a week.


SMS to Mobile Survey Form

Create an intuitive and multifunctional survey within minutes. Feedback is stored within your GM v2 Account in raw data form or as informative charts. All surveys can be downloaded directly from our account.

Creating a survey is quick and simple, with no design or IT skills required. Our simple drag and drop functionality means that a survey can be created and dispatched within minutes. Our team is always on hand to offer advice on the content as well as how to create the best looking survey.

Free Trial

Pay As You Go

With the pay as you go option you pay a premium for each recipient you send the SMS survey too. The charge is on every message part.

  • Number of surveys Unlimited
  • Cost per Survey 25% extra credit
  • Responses Validity Valid for up to 6 months

Monthly Billing

Paying monthly allows you to send surveys at a cost of 1 credit per recipient, based on the pricing guide below.

up to 50,00 Surveys £32.50
up to 100,00 Surveys £55
up to 200,00 Surveys £70
up to 500,00 Surveys £100
Unlimited Surveys £500

Need something bespoke? Let us build it for you. From idea to deployment within 60 days guaranteed.

Generate SMS / Mobile Surveys with a Free Trial.

2 Way SMS Transcript Surveys

Going back to basics can sometimes be the best option. Even though over 65% of all mobile phones are now smartphones It still may be best if you want 100% of our recipients to be able to complete your survey to use our Transcript feature.

SMS surveys can be collected through a simple sequence of pre-defined outbound messages.

Full reporting on individual answers is available within the reporting tool online.

Each outbound SMS is charged at your standard SMS rate applied to your account

Free Trial
Generate SMS / Mobile Surveys with a Free Trial.