Send SMS – Quick, Easy & Online

Our industry leading online platform enables you to design, schedule and deliver a 100% personalised SMS campaign to your audience in a few easy steps and all in a matter of minutes.

All our services have been designed with simplicity and reliability in mind.

Features of GM V2 Platform

Multipart SMS:

Type your message without the worry of being restricted to a limit of 160 characters. You can use up to 612 characters, which will be sent as multiple messages but delivered to the recipient’s handset as one long message. We have a useful character count to show you how many characters you have left and how much each recipient will cost.

Dynamic Sender ID:

Your SMS can originate from either a word or a number, meaning you can brand your message from your business name.


Templates can be used make your life simpler by creating a list of customisable templates to use time after time. Accounts can be set to only allow templates. This is great for multi site set ups, or a mix of templates and custom sending.

Customise Messages:

Messages can be customised using data from your phonebooks. There is no limit to how much you can customise a message.


Shorten URL:

We offer a very powerful tool for making your messages longer and saving you precious space in your SMS. Each recipient gets a unique URL, which means we can provide on individual recipients.

Scheduling :

You can set your campaign to go out to your audience up to 12 months in advance. You have a couple of options – you can set the message to go out at a specific time and date, or you can schedule the campaign over a period of time by selecting a start and end date and time. This may reduce overloading your call centre or reception desk staff. Scheduled messages not yet delivered to the network can be paused or cancelled at any time should the strategy change.

Opt out Service:

Every SMS that leaves our platform will contain our free opt out message – ‘txt STOP to 88882′. These opt outs are then added directly to your unique block list which means you are complying with data protection legislation.

Delivery Reports:

Every single message that leaves us can be tracked in your Statics Page, giving you a detailed breakdown of the progress of your campaign – and the progress of each individual message.

Receive Replies:

If the message originates from our dedicated replies number, your recipients will be able to reply your outbound message directly to your inbox.


Quality UK routes:

GlobalMessaging are proud of the fact that we only use direct UK connections and will never deliver your message through any grey routes. This means you can be 100% confident that your message will deliver on time, every time.

Head office/ Multisite set up:

Our GM V2 platform has so many features that it’s the perfect fit for multisite operators – a tiered log-in system, efficient and in-depth reporting by site, security controls to protect brand and many more.

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