Dynamic Mobile Landing Pages

Using SMS to target your customers is the most effective marketing channel in the mix. With an open rate in excess of 90% (Ofcom), text message marketing has the highest CTR of any electronic communication channel.

So, you can get your message delivered and opened, but what about that call to action? Delivering a full pitch, detailed product or service information as well as a call to action within 160 characters can be a little tricky.

Here at GlobalMessaging we’ve developed an intelligent solution to this problem to enhance your marketing potential. Let us introduce you to dynamic mobile landing pages.

These are mobile web pages, hosted remotely by us and tailored to your business needs, as well as to each individual and/or campaign you send out.

The simple ‘drag and drop’ platform enables you to benefit from the following features.


Branded landing page

A fully branded landing page means you can offer a detailed overview of your product, offer or service, without diluting your brand name.


Mobile landing pages enable you to personalise the message for each of your SMS recipients*

Call to action flexibility

Choose from a selection of calls to action to suit your campaign, including the following:

  • Phone call – when a recipient calls directly from the landing page, we’ll handle the call transfer and will be able to track call rates, call lengths and, potentially, any unanswered/missed calls on your behalf.
  • Forward to a friend – our platform allows recipients to spread your brand’s latest amazing offer to their friends.
  • Post on social – with the ability to share your offers to Facebook, Twitter and various other platforms, the potential reach of your message goes even further and wider!
  • Send an email – just like with social sharing, your brand message can extend even further.


Mobile surveys

You can run various types of survey from the mobile landing pages, including:

  • Intuitive sliders.
  • Score out of ten.
  • Comment boxes. Get really detailed and specific feedback from your audience, in their own words.
  • Thumbs up/down. A great way to receive instant yes/no type feedback on a particular business feature, product or promotion.

Supported media

The mobile landing pages are customisable and may include the following media:

  • All video files supported and optimised as required.
  • All image files supported and optimised as required.
  • PDF files.

GlobalMessaging’s unique mobile landing page service also offers in-depth behavioural insights, including page scroll percentage, number of landing page visits and engagement types and levels.

If that has whetted your appetite and you’d like to find out more about our dynamic mobile landing pages, give us a call on 01733 370 439 or email us at email@globalmessaging.co.uk

*Subject to individuals providing their details within your phonebook

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