5 mobile marketing mistakes to avoid

26 Oct 5 mobile marketing mistakes to avoid

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Mobile campaigns are an increasingly important of the marketing mix. No matter what brand or business you are, your customers will own and use a phone and this is a key way to be able to reach them.

The prevalence of the phone in our lives means the question for businesses is not about whether you should target this platform – but how.

While it’s important to build mobile marketing into your company’s operation, it’s also important to do it right. Here are five marketing tips on the pitfalls to avoid…

One size fits all

Mobile marketing is merely a broad over-arching term and covers a series of techniques available to the modern marketer. Under this umbrella you need to be able to spot the specific benefits of SMS, email, apps, mobile websites and social media. Each requires a slightly different approach and might be approached differently depending on who your customers are and what their spending habits are. Ignore this and you’ll make a big error.


Text messages should be part of your package. They’re direct, targeted, personal and well read compared to social media posts and emails, for example. It’s easy to get blinded by the modern aspects of the mobile marketing toolbox but SMS messages will do the job for you as an effective way to reach customers on their favourite device.

Mobile website

Many of your messages will aim to draw customers to your website but if it’s not been tailored to suit mobile devices your plan will fall down from there. With mobile traffic overtaking desktop use, you need to be able to provide a site that is easy to access and read while on the go. Google will punish you if you don’t – and so will customers who choose to do their business elsewhere.

Poor call to action

The most important thing to remember about your emails, texts or social media output is that it must serve a purpose and this purpose needs to be clear to the customer. This is where your call to action comes in. Make it clear what you want the recipient to do next or else they won’t. In a world where the competition for attention is high, you can’t afford to force someone to spend too long working out what you actually want from them. Be clear and be persuasive or be ignored.


Mobile marketing naturally leads itself to providing data, and lots of it. If you’re smart you’ll analyse this properly to spot what works – and what doesn’t – in your campaigns and use this data to tweak your efforts and inform your future output. By ignoring this you’ll be missing out on a golden chance to learn valuable lessons – and leaving yourself at risk of failure.

You need to understand the different elements of the mobile marketing armoury, including the all-important SMS message, use clear and concise calls to action, analyse and use data and build a website fit for the devices you are targeting. Doing all of this will help you to avoid the key mistakes that will serve to undermine your marketing efforts.

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